BF®Petfood 3-in-1 mineral biscuits "cranberry" are healthy and tasty biscuits for dogs with (too) thin stools and / or who eat stools * or grass or to support changes in food or non-digestible food. In addition, the cookies are also a tasty and healthy snack.

The kaolinite (clay-mineral) has absorptive properties for intestinal content toxins and ensures binding of harmful substances in the digestive tract.

Cranberry contains many antioxidants and healthy vitamins and minerals. Cranberry supports the immune system and ensures the maintenance of a healthy bladder and urinary tract.

The fibers present promote digestion and ensure good intestinal flora and bacteria in the intestine.

An additional advantage is that the stools of dogs that have eaten BF®Petfood 3-in-1 mineral cranberry cookies are no longer considered attractive by dogs. The kaolinite present spoils the "good taste" of the stool.

The 3-in-1 mineral cookies cranberry ensure that toxins, bacteria and irritants absorb from the gut, protect the intestinal mucosa and contribute to normal bowel movements.

Tasteful 3-in-1 mineral cranberry dog biscuits:

1. helps to make stool thicker;
2. with eating abnormal behavior (faeces / eating grass due to minerals and / or fiber deficiency);
3. supports the urinary tract and feed change or non-digestible feed.

Including chicken, cranberry, kaolinite (clay-mineral) and apple. Wheat free.

For all dog breeds, from pup to senior.



barley, corn, poultry flour, molasses, glycerin, rice, cranberry (3%), vegetable oil, lucerne, beetroot, carrot, apple.

Analytical components: - crude protein 20.7%, crude fat 4.6%, crude ash 7.3%, crude fiber 5.0%. Technological additive: kaolinite.

Feeding advice:

With normal use and with puppies: 2 to 4 cookies per day *
For thin stools: 2 x 5 cookies per day *.
With feces / eating grass: 4 cookies per day *.
(* per 10 kg body weight for at least 8 days)
(* NEW MINI: per 5 kg body weight for at least 8 days