Bio Organic

  • BIOFOOD Organic is organic, EU-certified, exclusive, complete and/or supplementary high quality dog and cat food.
  • Pure, honest and healthy.
  • Sustainable, animal and environmentally friendly (no testing on animals).
  • Balanced and unique organic compounds.
  • High nutritional value.
  • No artificial odours, colourings or flavourings.
  • No grain (meat food), no wheat (pressed).
  • Free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO-free).
  • Exclusive “No waste” packaging: recycled packaging material for further recycling (*except pouch).

BIOFOOD Organic pressed all life stages:
complete high quality pressed organic dog food for all ages and all dog breeds. Made from certified organic raw materials from organic farms. Pure, honest and healthy. Animal and environmentally friendly
No testing on animals. High acceptance and very good digestibility.
No wheat or hypoallergens. Improves the skin, coat, teeth and digestion. With organic meat, vegetables, herbs and salmon oil. No chemical additives. Low preparation temperature (cold-pressed) of approx. 70 degrees so nutrients are better preserved. The most natural and best food for any dog.

BIOFOOD Organic meat food: supplementary or complete food for dogs and/or cats, from kittens to seniors, only contains one protein, cold-filled, heated at a controlled low temperature (100% in its own juice), free of additives such as artificial vitamins, fillers, binding agents or animal meal, suitable for sensitive dogs/cats, GMO-free, CO2-neutral production, no mass cattle breeding and without the addition of salt, sugar or other odour, colour and flavour enhancers. The most natural and best food for any dog.


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